Journal Articles

Iron Age Nomads and their relation to copper smelting in Faynan (Jordan): Trace metal and Pb and Sr isotopic measurements from the Wadi Fidan 40 cemetery, Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol. 65, January 2016

Decadal‐scale variations in geomagnetic field intensity from ancient Cypriot slag mounds, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, January 2015

Conference Papers

The WAVE and 3D: How the Waters Might Have Parted—Visualizing Evidence for a Major Volcanic Eruption in the Mediterranean and Its Impact on Exodus Models, Israel’s Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective, Springer (2015)

GIS-based mapping of archaeological sites with low-altitude aerial photography and structure from Motion: A case study from Southern Jordan, Digital Heritage (2015)

Characterizing the rural landscape during the Iron Age and Roman period (ca. 1200 bc–ad 400): An intensive survey of Wadi al-Feidh, southern Jordan, Journal of Field Archaeology (2015)

Decadal-scale variations in geomagnetic field intensity from ancient slag mounds in Israel, Jordan, and Cyprus, EGU General Assembly, April 2015.

Books and Chapters

Israel’s Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective: Text, Archaeology, Culture and Geoscience, Edited by TE Levy, T. Schneider, WHC Propp, Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Springer, 2015.

On Early Bronze Age copper bar ingots from the southern Levant, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, No. 373, May 2015.


Reviews for “Israel’s Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective” (Springer):

  • By Jeremy M. Hutton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for Near Eastern Archaeology, Vol. 79, Issue 1, March 2016. The review concludes that “in a field dominated by monographs and widely-dispersed articles, this book collects an impressive array of scholars exhibiting a plethora of approaches. It is a volume not to be missed.” Click here for review
  • By R.M. Seltzer, Hunter College, CUNY, for the October 2015 issue of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, Vol. 53, Issue 2, published by the American Library Association. Calling the book edited by Prof. Thomas Levy “highly recommended,” Seltzer also called it “a valuable resource for faculty and graduate students in Biblical studies, religion and the history of ancient Israel.” Click here for review